I had a 5 week course of hair restoration with Nina Bee’s beauty, Firstly, the results:

• The hair near the crown on my head had started to thin out, A bald patch was starting to become very visible which as you might understand caused some confidence issues, but after a 5 week course at Nina Bee’s my hair has become much thicker and is growing back naturally.

The Therapist:

• Nina herself made sure I was very comfortable while the procedure was taking place and she was very informative, explaining to me what she was doing, why and how that would benefit me, she is very knowledgeable and obviously has a real passion for her craft.

The Clinic:

• Nina runs her clinic from home, the beautiful house is always spotless to a clinical level and the treatment room is very well-designed feeling very warm and welcoming.

Overall, I couldn’t recommend Nina Bee’s enough, her prices are competitive and you can get a top class treatment with the best products without having to go through the hassle of receptionists and waiting rooms, another plus is that Nina has a parking space that customers are able to use if required.

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